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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Most visitors these days find their way to your website via search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. Of the three main search engines, Google is still the most popular. In many cases being responsible for directing 60% or more traffic to your site. If you do business on the web, then it is vital that people can find your site easily.

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Whilst search engines may be responsible for the bulk of traffic, it is also true that people tend to be lazy, and in 90% of cases, rarely look beyond the first 20 results. Many will look no further than the first 10! Ideally your site should be listed at the top for all your keywords. If you are on page 200 of 10,000 results, your business will be invisible to the majority of searches.

How to get top rankings:

Search engines use robot crawlers to index the sites they find on the internet. Their methods are a closely guarded secret, but there are number of factors which are well known, as result of patents posted by organizations such as Google. Increased traffic

Quality Score

Obviously search engines are mainly interested in returning good quality relevant results. This means that a site should attain a high quality rating in the ranking algorithm. By quality, we are not just talking about well researched content, although that is important. The code should be free of errors and the text should be clear and legible and of a size that can be easily read by those with weak vision. The site should adhere to the quality guidelines published by the main search engines and should be free of malware and any black hat SEO practices such as link farming, keyword cloaking and hidden doorway pages.

What this means for you is that in addition to the standard of code being as good as you can get it, you need ensure that your keywords appear in the correct elements of the page. Stuffing a page with keywords, not only makes your site read badly and make it unattractive to visitors, it may also get you blacklisted, as some search engines regard this as spamming. A good quality site will often have a help page, not expose the owners email address to spam bots or be overloaded with third party advertising. All these elements are covered by the SEO light and SEO basic subscription plan. Trust Score How important is it that the pages you serve up are from a trustworthy source? My research shows that it is very important. Trust factors include putting your telephone number and address on the homepage. If you are a limited company or SL you are obligated to display your company registration. Believe it or not these can be cross referenced by the search engines.

A privacy statement set out in a recognizable format is important as are customer help pages, especially if you run an e-commerce site. Being part of a trusted affiliate body can improve your trust score, as can inbound links from trusted government organizations and schools. In the same way, outbound links to low ranking or poor quality websites can adversely affect your trust score.

Link Popularity

Probably the most important factor which affects how search engines rank your site is link popularity. It is difficult to get around this. The more high quality sites that link to you, the higher ranking your site will become. The SEO advanced package searches out the top ranking websites for your keywords and compares their back-links to your own. This data is then used to build back-links to your site from the websites and social networking groups that are shown to be most important.

Unique Content

Search engines hate duplicate content. If you re-publish articles reproduced on other websites, don't expect the search engines to be in too much of a hurry to index you. The same goes for estate agents that list their properties on property portal sites such Kyero, Primelocations and Think Spain. There is nothing wrong with these sites, they are high ranking. However, when a search engine finds the same content on a high ranking site and then on your less popular site, which page do you think is going to get indexed? The site that already has massive traffic figures and a global advertising and SEO budget, or your website? Think about it. When you subscribe to a property portal website with content duplicated from your own website, you are actually paying them to have your site pushed further down the list and possibly ignored permanently.

Of course you need not worry about any of this if you are subscribing to any of the SEO plans. Sorted Spain's mission is to keep up to date with the frequently changing indexing methods.

What gets measured, gets done and with SEO Basic and SEO Advanced, you will be able to see on a week to week basis how things are progressing. Enquiries and sales leads are a function of relevant traffic through your site. Build quality traffic, get more sales. Hire a web professional. Sorted!