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Privacy Statement
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 12:48
Written by Main Administrator

This website does not collect personal information.  In common with most businesses I do ask for a telephone number and billing address during any purchase process.  The information provided by you is then only used for administration.

blue monkeySome websites do use cookies to measure site usage and related information. If you are making a purchase cookies may be used to keep track of the transaction from one page to the next. These cookies will not harm your computer and do not store information that is unrelated to your visit.

Very basic information about your visit is collected by a statistics application. Anyone who really cares about their customers is going to do this.  None of this can be easily used my me to identify you.  However, if you abuse this site or any of my customers websites, mail systems or server, that is a completely different matter. 

I don't offer a newsletter service, so you should have no need to be concerned about SPAM from this site.  If you want to be updated, you are free to either follow me on Facebook or sign up to one of the news feed services by clicking the Addit button on the left hand column.   Personally, I would be more concerned about what Microsoft, Google or Facebook is doing with your data than anything this website may get up to...

I am pleased that this page is now much smaller than it used to be.  I decided some time ago that as there were already plenty of idiots falling over each other to gather your data, there was little point in trying to emulate them.  Life is already complicated enough.

So here is the final word on Your Privacy.  It is absolutely 100% assured.  However, I may on very rare occasions forward a request for information or help to someone who I feel may be better placed to deal with it.

Last Updated on Friday, 04 February 2011 15:21