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10 reasons to work with the best:
  1. no subscriptionsSet yourself free  - no subscription web design!  You don't have to be tied to your web company.  If you are not on a subscription plan, you only pay for the work that is carried out and own the project outright on payment of the quoted balance. Open Source Software means your site could be free to use anywhere.  Stay in control!
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I have been working with technology since day one of the internet. Many programmers know how to build clever sites, some even know how to make them look good.  However, I also specialize in internet business promotion and understand what's important to the world's most popular search engine, which can deliver 80% of your traffic.   Read more about SEO here
  3. just reduced casaGive visitors a reason to bookmark your web site.  This should be obvious, but many wed designers still don't get this. When people visit, they are looking for information.  If they are house buyers, they want to see houses on the homepage.  No serious buyer is going to sit and wait for a huge banner to download.  Instead, show your best deals on the homepage, its your shop window.  With my software, latest reductions, rentals, most popular and just updated, all appear there automatically!   View an example here
  4. caringThe best web support service.  When things go wrong. Do you really want to be waiting in a queue at some call centre in Asia for help?  That is if you are lucky, as many hosting companies will only deal with you via email.  That's right, submit your support ticket and wait... and then wait some more... I speak English, Spanish and you can phone me!  If you call in the middle of the night, I don't mind. (Please try to only call out of hours if it is an emergency, or you are delivering a Pizza and need directions).
  5. Monitoring.  What are people saying about you on the web?  It may not be nice!  In fact a few well placed harsh words can bring a holiday rental company down!  I already know and will tell you straight.  If the news is bad, I have proven solutions. All our websites are monitored 24/7 and we receive daily updates with news of any mention of them anywhere.
  6. No recriminations?  I have a customer who managed to upset their web designer so much that he used their company name to join a popular swinger's club and then created hundreds of pornographic backlinks to their web site.  Naturally, when typing the company name in a search, it was not houses that came up!  Before getting any ideas, please don't do this! You will be found out and risk prosecution.   I was able to take action to put this agent back on page one for their real keywords. 
  7. stopwatchSuper fast pages.  My property listing sites download faster than 99% of all others.  Why? because I only use well written code.  They are hosted in the cloud using the latest production servers managed from Canary Wharf, London and are backed up remotely 8 times a day.  Search engines now measure download speed...
  8. Free advice 24/7  When was the last time you got that from your lawyer?  Knowledge is money, but I would add that the best knowledge comes from experience.  Ask me,  I will tell you.  You don't even need to be a customer.
  9. social networkingSocial Media.  This has become one of the most important areas for generating relevant traffic to your website.  The search engines know this, and so do I.   I recommend Ruby Rynne , an acknowledged expert in this field.
  10. Search Engine Friendly design.  Page speed matters, but it is just as  important that the right pages get indexed.  If you run a blog, my unique Wordpress themes are designed to be correctly indexed by all major search engines.  I also have special SEO solutions for Open Source CMS such as Joomla!
  11. Look good on Youtube with full HD video production packages created for you by our partner Primatemedia.